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Does Risk = Reward?


I have been listening to a podcast in the morning as I walk my dog, which means I am finally getting a chance to listen to all the shows that have been in my queue for way too long. I’ve found that it allows me to start my day both learning something new and on a positive and inspired note. If you are a podcast listener or aim to be one, I would suggest checking … CONTINUE READING

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“[Vulnerability] is the birthplace of joy, of creativity, of belonging, of love…”         – Brené Brown

We all have traits that make up the best and worst of who we are.  Those that help us shine, and those that we would like to change. For me, pride is one of my lesser traits that has caused me some trouble from time-to-time.  It can get in the way of learning and moving forward, and can keep you … CONTINUE READING

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