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How to Be a Good Dad…

Dad_Chapter Be Msg

My father sent the above email to me earlier this year, and I received it one random day as a surprise message in my inbox. He sent it through the site’s online contact form, which made receiving it all the better. Even though he has told me he checks the site out, you are never quite sure if it is true or just loving parental rhetoric. This short but sweet note was a small, yet … CONTINUE READING

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Sasha McDowell

Sasha McDowell_Epicycle_Chapter Be

Some people actively seek out their Chapter Be path, while others are pushed or fall into it. Sasha McDowell is part of the latter category. She worked in youth development for many years, and loved the jobs she held that were focused around program development and management. Yet, when she became a mother she found herself facing having to put her daughter in daycare for 50 hours a week, and really struggled with this. A … CONTINUE READING

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