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41/100: Be an Explorer

41/100 || Sunday I stopped into Tattered Cover Book Store to get a gift and see if I could buy a map of the United States. I am in the beginning stages of working on a project idea for Chapter Be, and while there were no maps available to buy, I found myself perusing through the travel books in the nearby section. It felt so playful to get to leaf through these books and have
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20/100: Be Exploring

20/100 || Oh my goodness – Oregon is incredibly beautiful! Yesterday we explored the areas outside Portland and they were quite literally breath-taking. Even with the rain – you found yourself not even noticing because it just works here!! It is such a unique part of our country and I feel really luck to be able to explore it and learn more about it! It reminded me that there is so much to see and … CONTINUE READING

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Kate & Paul McCann


Kate and Paul McCann were working corporate jobs in London – positions that many would perceive as being highly successful, as they were paid well and the work held a certain status. Yet, they found that they were deeply unsatisfied and not particularly happy. Paul realized, while traveling in India, how much his happiness was tied to material goods, and how this was, in turn, leaving him feeling more empty than anything. After a … CONTINUE READING

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Field Trip Fridays

field trip fridays

This past Wednesday was May’s DIY Networking event at Share Denver. Lindsey Stone facilitated the evening, which consisted of a lightening round of questions, which got everyone contributing and thinking. One of the questions was, “How do you find inspiration when you need it most?” Donna of Donna Diddit shared that she started something called “Field Trip Fridays,” as a way to get out of her studio, change her environment and ensure that she experiences … CONTINUE READING

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