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Cynthia Morris

Chapter Be_Cynthia Morris

Cynthia Morris is an author, illustrator, speaker and coach who I had the pleasure of hearing speak in Denver at Creative Mornings a few months ago. Her talk really resonated with me, and I loved that she created a business, Original Impulse, around the notion of helping people connect to their creative core. She guides people who are emerging and established authors or who are trying to make their creative projects come to life. … CONTINUE READING

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Follow Your Curiosity

curiosity_Drew Geraets_unsplash

I’ve always struggled a bit with the saying “Follow Your Passion.” When I hear it, I’ve noticed that I get a somewhat agitated feeling. This, in part, is why the homepage of this site does not have the word “passion” on it. I’ve found that I have used the phrase from time to time in my writing – but more out of default or laziness than any other reason.  I realize that I’m uncomfortable with … CONTINUE READING

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