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Becky Hensley

Chapter Be_Becky Hensley_Share Denver

Becky Hensley owns and operates the creative space, Share Denver, which opened as a brick-and-mortar in the summer of 2013. She celebrated her year anniversary this past summer with a party, complete with a make-your-own birthday hat station and one for designing your own tote bag. Becky’s creativity streams out of her, but the best part is her desire to share this with others. Share Denver is intended to be a space that not only … CONTINUE READING

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Learn Anything, and Be Anyone

Founders First: DIY from Collaborative Fund on Vimeo.

“Everyone is capable of being creative, just like everyone is capable of learning to read. To help people do that, you have to teach them, at a really young age, to be fearless.”
Zach Klein, Co-Founder & CEO of DIY

Many times when I interview someone they talk about the fact that their formal education never taught many of the skills they need to … CONTINUE READING

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Amanda Peppard & Corina Gomez

Amanda Peppard & Corina Gomez_Suite Pieces_Chapter Be

I learned about Amanda Peppard and Corina Gomez’s store, Suite Pieces, via an article in Brooklyn Based, Two New Vintage Shops Breathe Fresh Life into Old Furniture. The article highlighted the store and it’s do-it-yourself workshops, but it wasn’t until I went to the store’s website that I discovered the women’s Chapter Be stories.

Each woman left a non-design career in order to follow her passion for design. Both women had their own … CONTINUE READING

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Elizabeth Rees

Chasing Paper_DailyCandy_Bazaar_016Elizabeth Rees and I met at Daily Candy’s Holiday Bazaar Pop-up that was held last November in Soho, NYC. I went to check it out for an array of reasons, and the happy accident was that I met Elizabeth and had the chance to learn about her business, Chasing Paper. She was instantly warm and ever-so friendly, so it didn’t take long to discover that her new business venture was a lovely Chapter Be … CONTINUE READING

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