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May 6th & May 7th
Chapter Be Workshop: How Do You Want to BE?

Saturday, May 6th & Sunday, May 7th
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM (Both Days)
Location: WeWork Union Station – 1550 WeWatta Street, Denver, CO 80202
Register: bit.ly/ChapterBeWorkshop

Please join Chapter Be for a two-day, 8 hour workshop that will examine how you can navigate life’s challenges and changes by keeping your BEing at the center of all you do. Helping you better answer – How do you want to BE in the world?


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Be: Opportunity

chapter be_paul kim_be opportunity

Be Opportunity by Paul Kim

We are opportunity. Each of us.

To be clear, what I mean is not to be confused with the idea that “life is an opportunity” or “our lives are opportunities to accomplish one thing or another.” And while I believe each and every human being is “pure potential,” what I mean here is something more than noting that a human life if full of potential.

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