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Elizabeth Rees

Chasing Paper_DailyCandy_Bazaar_016Elizabeth Rees and I met at Daily Candy’s Holiday Bazaar Pop-up that was held last November in Soho, NYC. I went to check it out for an array of reasons, and the happy accident was that I met Elizabeth and had the chance to learn about her business, Chasing Paper. She was instantly warm and ever-so friendly, so it didn’t take long to discover that her new business venture was a lovely Chapter Be … CONTINUE READING

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Tracie Lee

lonestar taco_tracie lee_chapter be

Tracie Lee and I met at an event hosted by Makeshift Society in Design*Sponge‘s offices – it was a panel discussion of different New York designers and entrepreneurs during the Brooklyn Beta conference. Tracie openly talked about what it was like trying to start up Lonestar Taco while at the same time working at her web design job. I wanted to hear more about her Chapter Be story, so we met over coffee a … CONTINUE READING

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Does Risk = Reward?


I have been listening to a podcast in the morning as I walk my dog, which means I am finally getting a chance to listen to all the shows that have been in my queue for way too long. I’ve found that it allows me to start my day both learning something new and on a positive and inspired note. If you are a podcast listener or aim to be one, I would suggest checking … CONTINUE READING

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What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up?


So often when I talk to people who are unhappy in their jobs they often say, “Yeah, but I don’t know what else I would do!” I remember feeling very much the same. I have worked in education for most of my professional life and to make a switch to something different can seem impossible and daunting. That was part of the reason why I started Chapter Be. I wanted to not only interview … CONTINUE READING

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