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25/100: Be Aware

25/100 || Yesterday I was working on the Chapter Be Workshop and was in a complete work zone – when I began to notice my stress and that I was solely in a head-space. Much of my own learning is to grow into life being about the process vs. the end product. If I am not in a heart space while creating the workshop, then why am I doing it? So – in enters play. … CONTINUE READING

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Don’t Stand & Wait – Dance

 These are the moments in New York, where I feel completely energized and inspired. It is like the urban stars aligning. Just so happened that this small band made the decision to park themselves at the Delancey subway stop and play amazingly danceable music on a platform filled with people who just couldn’t help but dance. To happen upon moments like this – that just organically arise – are the moments that I love most … CONTINUE READING

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