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The Art of Intention Workshop

The Art of Intention Workshop was a collaboration between Chapter BE and Angela Craven Art that took place on January 15th at Globeville Riverfront Art Center (GRACe). We created the workshop based on the question: What if instead of resolutions, we kicked off the year with more personal clarity and creativity?

We wanted to give people the space to not judge themselves or list all the ways they wanted to change, but instead focus … CONTINUE READING

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Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute (RMMFI)

The Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute (RMMFI) is a community creating economic and social mobility through entrepreneurship. RMMFI helps curious people transform into serious entrepreneurs through skill building, mentorship, and micro lending. RMMFI provides a simple and effective approach to business development built around the philosophy that poor planning equals poor results.  First step – does your idea make sense, next step – launch it, and finally – be really successful with it!


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Ruffle a Few Feathers

Chapter Be_Feathers

I have to remind myself that your work cannot make everyone happy and not everyone is going to like it. If you try to please everyone with what you do, you will end up having something that isn’t very well defined. Creativity has the power to push boundaries – both your own and others’. If you want to make something that stands out from the rest or is original or good – you have to … CONTINUE READING

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29 Ways to Stay Creative_Behance

I actually think a better title for this infographic is “29 Ways to Create” – which, I know, connects directly to being creative, but also think people can get hung up on the word “creativity.”  Lately, I have been hitting a bit of a wall with Chapter Be and its next steps, so reading #5, #6, #14 and #25 were helpful to me today. Sometimes it is just nice to know that others go through … CONTINUE READING

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Creatively Satisfied?

Two Minutes With TGD: Are You Creatively Satisfied? from The Great Discontent on Vimeo.
Are YOU creatively satisfied? Share your feelings in the comments…

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An Online Skillshare Class by Ethan Bodnar

I get the chance to talk to many people who are in jobs and want a change. They might like the security that their job gives them, but they are bored, unhappy, not challenged or just feel like they need a change. Many times they don’t even know how to take the first step toward making a change or trying to do … CONTINUE READING

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Creative Something


I am always so excited when I find a site, publication or magazine that I want to consume in its entirety – something that I could sit down and read from start to finish without noticing that time is passing by. It is not unlike that gem of an album where you can listen to every song, over-and-over because you want to compute it to memory and consume every last morsel of it’s creativity (while … CONTINUE READING

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Your Surroundings


Creativity has always been in me. You can be creative anywhere, but how you are creative does depend, in part, on your surroundings.   – Alex Stoddard


I think there are a few cities in particular where someone might be exposed to enough change and noise that their creativity goes up. But in that very same place, there are people whose creativity goes down because the noise drowns out the sound in their head. My friend, CONTINUE READING

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Step Outside

photo 1

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. -Albert Einstein

This past weekend I left the concrete jungle to go camping with friends in the Catskill Mountains. We had been talking about doing it for quite some time and finally made it happen. The mountains engulfed us – making cell phones obsolete and freeing us from any device that might pull us back to the city. While it is only a few … CONTINUE READING

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Picking Yourself

Creative Mornings is brilliant.  It was started in New York with the simple intent of having an “accessible, inspiring morning event for people to meet.”  It is now in over 50 cities around the world – all because a small group of people decided to make it happen.   They are extremely popular in New York, and so far I have only been able to make it to one in person.  Luckily they also post videos … CONTINUE READING

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