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Be: Experimental

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Be Experimental by Douglas Tsoi

Change happens suddenly and unexpectedly. In November 2014, I got laid off from a job I loved and wanted to stay at for many years. But life is agnostic to one’s desires. I was curious what would happen if I didn’t immediately look for another job. When a fire destroys centuries of old growth forest, new life, diverse and fragile, begins to emerge. Those seeds, having lain dormant for years, CONTINUE READING

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Keep Your Curiosity Alive

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Kim Nemeth

Chapter Be_Kim Nemeth_Woven

When Kim Nemeth signed up to be an AmeriCorps member and move to Walla Walla, Washington after graduating from The College of Wooster she had no idea that it would eventually lead to her starting her own weaving business. Fast forward ten years later and she would make the leap to create Woven (by Hand), a small artisan business focused on “handwoven wearables using traditional patterns, but with a focus on textures and color … CONTINUE READING

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Sarah Swift

Sarah Swift_Sarah Swift Jewelry

I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Swift at an event in New York City. We were both in the audience, and we got to talk after the panel. When I told her about Chapter Be, she said, “That’s me!” and explained that she had transitioned from working at the University of Oklahoma Weather Center to being a jewelry designer. She moved to New York City in 2012 to pursue Sarah Swift Jewelry and make … CONTINUE READING

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Create Your Own Path: A Panel Discussion

Chapter Be had the chance to host a panel discussion, Create Your Own Path, at Makeshift Society Brooklyn on October 23rd which featured four women who had changed their careers in order to follow their own creative path. Each woman is a self-starter and entrepreneur in her own right, and shared her story of how she decided to make the leap – which included both struggles and gratifying, rewarding moments.

The panelists talked about … CONTINUE READING

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