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27/100: Be Confident

27/100 || When I initially posted that I was going to do this 100 Day Project, I created a list of playful things that I could and wanted to do over the hundred days. One of those things was attending a self-defense class. Admittedly, the topic alone does not evoke playfulness, but it felt like something that would be different and a good way to challenge myself. So, when I saw a friend post about … CONTINUE READING

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Be: Confident

Chapter Be_Haneen Badri_Be Confident

Be Confident by Haneen Badri

Although adversity is intended to improve one’s life it also contains the capability to grind you down. The ultimate result of such an impact depends on whether you decide to overcome calamity or to reject reality and let it overpower your very being. Throughout the 7th grade was when I encountered what I consider the first trying period of time in my life – it was when I started wearing CONTINUE READING

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