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2017 Be Mantra: Be Adventurous


My third and final BE Mantra for 2017 is BE Adventurous…

I moved to Denver from New York City a little over three years ago, and one of the main reasons I left a city that I love so much was because I felt that I needed to simplify my life. Life started to feel difficult in New York, when before it always felt like an adventure being lived out in my daily encounters … CONTINUE READING

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Michelle Poler


Michelle Poler grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, the grandchild of Holocaust survivors, thinking that fear was normal because that is what she saw every day of her life. It was not until she was out on her own that she started to recognize all of the fears that were so deeply engrained in her. She eventually acknowledged that she was never going to be able to accomplish the things that she wanted to do with … CONTINUE READING

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Where the Magic Happens

maxresdefault_where the magic happens

I definitely believe that the universe sends you things exactly when you need them, and one of my personal goals is to TRUST that this is true and stop worrying so much! A friend sent me the above image this week, and I received it just as I am about to start B-School. I definitely am having some approach avoidance to starting the online videos, and I realized it is because I am a … CONTINUE READING

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