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Evan Skladany

Evan Skladany was working at a market research company when he was laid-off due to the economic crash in 2008. He had taught English in Boston and France, before his days in advertising and marketing, and he always wanted to be writer. His lay-off was the push that he needed to make it happen. He decided to get a job waiting tables, instead of looking for another marketing job, so that he could pursue this … CONTINUE READING

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Sasha McDowell

Sasha McDowell_Epicycle_Chapter Be

Some people actively seek out their Chapter Be path, while others are pushed or fall into it. Sasha McDowell is part of the latter category. She worked in youth development for many years, and loved the jobs she held that were focused around program development and management. Yet, when she became a mother she found herself facing having to put her daughter in daycare for 50 hours a week, and really struggled with this. A … CONTINUE READING

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Ali DeJohn

Chapter Be_Ali DeJohn_The Makerie

A friend introduced me to the Makerie when I first moved to Denver, and I was instantly intrigued by the idea. I loved that this beautiful retreat was created with the sole intention of giving people the time and space to just be creative. I truly believe that everyone is creative, some just give more time and energy to it than others. Now here was something that was saying – take the time. Take the … CONTINUE READING

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Ian Trask

Ian Trask_Chapter Be_Be Dedicated

Ian Trask is a scientist turned artist who left his job working in a research lab in Salt Lake City to be an artist in Brooklyn, NY. He made the shift in 2007 and went from working with a colony of 400 mice to creating pieces of artwork with discarded manufactured goods. He worked at a framing store in Brooklyn while he took time to play and experiment with his artwork – developing his artistic … CONTINUE READING

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Brook Klausing
Constructing Places to Just Be

brook klausing_fashionspam_the creators

The most successful artists/creative/entrepreneurs are those who construct discipline, rituals and a space to create. It is ideal that you have all three in order to move forward in your practice or business. I’d argue, though, that it is equally as important to have a space in your life that allows you to just be.

Time and time again, the people I interview state that their creativity stems from being in nature or that … CONTINUE READING

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“Shhhh. Slow Down.”


Winter Storm Juno (I guess everything has a name now) has hit the east coast, and I might have a little ‘fear of missing out.’ It is these moments that kind of bond a city together and, as long as everyone is safe, there is a quiet beauty to it all. These winter storms cause people to slow down and just be still for a little bit. The noisy, crowded city becomes covered in a … CONTINUE READING

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Angela Craven Art – 365 Day Project

angelacravenart_in the studio

One of the things that I want to “be” in 2015 is creating, and as I expressed in an earlier post, There is More to Be Discovered, that involves letting go of my fear that my creations won’t be perfect. I have to be okay with the fact that as I start creating things they will be imperfect and, to be honest, most likely kind of ugly. That is a part of the … CONTINUE READING

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Give the Gift of Creativity

the sketchbook project

I recently saw Rick Griffith speak at Denver’s last Creative Mornings event, and one of the things that he talked about was that he has instructed his family and friends that he no longer wants material items as gifts. Instead he said that if people really want to get him something, then they can gift him an hour of someone’s time in order to learn something new. His point being that we need to start CONTINUE READING

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Sarah Swift

Sarah Swift_Sarah Swift Jewelry

I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Swift at an event in New York City. We were both in the audience, and we got to talk after the panel. When I told her about Chapter Be, she said, “That’s me!” and explained that she had transitioned from working at the University of Oklahoma Weather Center to being a jewelry designer. She moved to New York City in 2012 to pursue Sarah Swift Jewelry and make … CONTINUE READING

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Melissa Rapoport

Melissa Rapoport_portrait4

Melissa Rapoport‘s journey to becoming a health coach was one that was paved with a number of struggles and life changes. Yet, when you meet her and have the chance to talk to her for just ten minutes, you know that she has found her true vocation. She is a natural and has the instant ability of making you feel heard. This is a gift, and she has worked hard to make her gift … CONTINUE READING

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