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Evan Skladany

Evan Skladany was working at a market research company when he was laid-off due to the economic crash in 2008. He had taught English in Boston and France, before his days in advertising and marketing, and he always wanted to be writer. His lay-off was the push that he needed to make it happen. He decided to get a job waiting tables, instead of looking for another marketing job, so that he could pursue this … CONTINUE READING

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Changing the World By Being Themselves

“A lot of people wait for someone else to tell them it’s okay to start doing something or that you have to be allowed to do this. We create that. You just have to start. It might not be the thing, but that thing will lead to the next thing, will lead to the next thing. No one’s going to give you permission…it’s all within your power, so what do you want to … CONTINUE READING

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