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Conquering Your Fear

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Steps to Conquering Your Fear

Be Still.
Ask yourself the hard questions, like, “Why am I afraid of this?”
Be honest with yourself.
Make a plan.
Take small steps or a giant leap.
Just show up and give it a-go.
Expect mistakes and set-backs.
Be willing to shift, be flexible and pivot from your original plan.
Have faith in yourself and your capabilities.
Build a community around you that supports you.
Don’t stop trying when … CONTINUE READING

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“Shhhh. Slow Down.”


Winter Storm Juno (I guess everything has a name now) has hit the east coast, and I might have a little ‘fear of missing out.’ It is these moments that kind of bond a city together and, as long as everyone is safe, there is a quiet beauty to it all. These winter storms cause people to slow down and just be still for a little bit. The noisy, crowded city becomes covered in a … CONTINUE READING

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Be Still

chapter be_be still

Be Still.
By Leo Babauta

Be still.

Just for a moment.

Listen to the world around you. Feel your breath coming in and going out. Listen to your thoughts. See the details of your surroundings.

Be at peace with being still…

Savor the stillness. It’s a treasure, and it’s available to us, always.

*Full version available at Zen Habits


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