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60/100: Be an Artist

60/100 || Friday I had the chance to go and see my friend, Angela Craven, share her artwork via First Friday in Arvada at Vouna. I met Angela when she was working as a UX designer and dreaming about being able to make her art her full-time work. She was able to do just that this past fall and since then it has been amazing to watch her not only shine but really … CONTINUE READING

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Be a Scientist – Be an Artist


I have interviewed a few scientists turned entrepreneur and a lot of artists who are also small business owners, and it has been fascinating to me that their approach tends to be more fluid and understanding of the trials and tribulations of being an entrepreneur compared to many others. I wanted to examine more about the correlation between the scientific method, the creative process and the entrepreneurial experience.

Recently I watched the movie Martian, … CONTINUE READING

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