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20/100: Be Exploring

20/100 || Oh my goodness – Oregon is incredibly beautiful! Yesterday we explored the areas outside Portland and they were quite literally breath-taking. Even with the rain – you found yourself not even noticing because it just works here!! It is such a unique part of our country and I feel really luck to be able to explore it and learn more about it! It reminded me that there is so much to see and … CONTINUE READING

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2017 Be Mantra: Be Adventurous


My third and final BE Mantra for 2017 is BE Adventurous…

I moved to Denver from New York City a little over three years ago, and one of the main reasons I left a city that I love so much was because I felt that I needed to simplify my life. Life started to feel difficult in New York, when before it always felt like an adventure being lived out in my daily encounters … CONTINUE READING

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Niki Koubourlis

Chapter Be_Niki Koubourlis_Bold Betties_2

Niki Koubourlis was working 80-100 hour weeks in commercial real estate in Abu Dhabi, and while she was gaining financial success she found that the rest of her life wasn’t where she would like it to be. It was the death of a college friend and her experience going through a strenuous fitness program that helped her gain back her boldness, and take the steps to become unstuck. She moved from the secure world she … CONTINUE READING

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