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The Art of Intention Workshop

The Art of Intention Workshop was a collaboration between Chapter BE and Angela Craven Art that took place on January 15th at Globeville Riverfront Art Center (GRACe). We created the workshop based on the question: What if instead of resolutions, we kicked off the year with more personal clarity and creativity?

We wanted to give people the space to not judge themselves or list all the ways they wanted to change, but instead focus … CONTINUE READING

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60/100: Be an Artist

60/100 || Friday I had the chance to go and see my friend, Angela Craven, share her artwork via First Friday in Arvada at Vouna. I met Angela when she was working as a UX designer and dreaming about being able to make her art her full-time work. She was able to do just that this past fall and since then it has been amazing to watch her not only shine but really … CONTINUE READING

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28/100: Be Novel

28/100 || How delightful are these blue trees?! Artist Kon Dimopoulos has painted trees blue throughout the Denver Theatre District as a way to raise awareness to global deforestation and consciousness of urban greenery. The trees are such a surreal treat in the middle of downtown and to top it off every Monday in May from 11am – 2pm they are doing a meditation series, Sacred Art, led by Kimberly Allyse Johnson. Meditating amongst blue … CONTINUE READING

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Cherry Arts Festival at Stanley

Cherry Arts Festival at Stanley is a celebration of national art and local flavor at the Stanley Marketplace adjacent to the Stapleton community in Aurora. In 2015, this debut event met an unfulfilled demand for a high quality art and cultural experience, and for 2016 the event will continue to grow, feature 100 juried artist exhibitors and take place in Stanley’s exciting mixed-use indoor and outdoor event facility.

The BE Stories highlighted some of the … CONTINUE READING

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Invent New Strategies


This video was passed along to me by an educator that I am working with for another project, and I love it. It really resonated with me, because I realized recently that I have a tendency to create systems and become inflexible at the thought of changing or dropping them when it might be what I need the most. I have changed what I am doing, but I need to continue to work on … CONTINUE READING

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Build Your Own ‘Fantastic Jungle’

Amanda Hall_The Fantastic Jungles of Henri Rousseau

I have a deep admiration for artists. They are the heartbeat of our culture, provide us with outlets to see the world through a different lens and push boundaries in a much needed and required way. I sincerely respect the artists who remain true to their craft even when they are not getting accolades and recognition. Often, it takes the world some time to catch up to their vision, and in the meantime they just … CONTINUE READING

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