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BE at Home


Tanya Davis’s words in How to Be at Home pierced right through my heart, as much as they did when I heard her poem How to Be Alone back in 2014. Davis’s words with Andrea Dorfman’s animation were just what I needed to see and hear after eight months of mostly, well, just staying at home. A reminder, as my reserves start to dwindle, and as I wonder how much longer I can … CONTINUE READING

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Being Alone – Embrace It

Exploring a Chapter Be or taking steps to follow your Chapter Be can be rather lonely at times. As I’m discovering, people won’t always understand your choices or even be supportive of them. They will question you, make judgements and at times doubt you. And I’m not talking about constructive criticism, as that can be very helpful along the way – and there is a difference. 

I’m learning that in order to continue in your … CONTINUE READING

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