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100 Days of Playful Being

Ever since completing my 365 Day Project – #365justbe – I have been craving doing another one! The project did wonders for creating a time and space in my day to be creative – even if it were just for 10 minutes – and I found that I missed that time when the project was over. It was a commitment, though, so I did not feel driven to do another one right away – but…the … CONTINUE READING

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Be in Charge

chapter be_be in charge

A major mindset change came for me when I realized that I had the power to decide how I wanted to be in this world. Realizing that I had the choice between whether I wanted to be in charge of my life or see life as something that happened to me. I decided to not be a victim, but instead to be in charge. It’s an active choice and one that I often need to … CONTINUE READING

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365justbe_first week_chapter be

Today is Day 5 of my 365 day project, #365justbe, which means I am 1/73 of the way! I’m quickly learning the discipline that it takes to make this commitment a reality, and can already see that it will be challenging on some days. So far the biggest thing is learning how to let go of wanting it to be perfect, and being okay with putting stuff out there than might not look exactly the … CONTINUE READING

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Angela Craven Art – 365 Day Project

angelacravenart_in the studio

One of the things that I want to “be” in 2015 is creating, and as I expressed in an earlier post, There is More to Be Discovered, that involves letting go of my fear that my creations won’t be perfect. I have to be okay with the fact that as I start creating things they will be imperfect and, to be honest, most likely kind of ugly. That is a part of the … CONTINUE READING

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