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Chapter BE is an organization that works to connect people to their true internal BEing as they write the next chapter of their life.

Through individualized coaching, facilitation, and storytelling, Chapter BE guides people as they reframe their narrative from doing to BEing, ultimately defining success internally and (re)connecting with themselves and a greater humanity.

“Chapter B” is a term used by psychologists to identify when a person enters into a new stage of life – whether that is a new relationship, job, city, or state of being. It is a moment, step, or leap when a person actively chooses to change something that isn’t making them happy, and instead starts to explore what might be a better fit for them and their life.

“To BE” is defined simply as “to exist in actuality; have life or reality.” Synonyms include to be alive, breathe, and have existence. Every person’s BEing is uniquely their own.

As you turn to your next chapter, Chapter BE challenges you to change the focus of your story from “what do you do” to “how might you BE in this world.”

The following are services offered by Chapter BE for individuals, groups, organizations or corporations looking to examine and live in their BEing.

Narrative Coaching

BE the author of your story
narrative coaching with chapter be
Using a mindful, experiential, and integrative approach, Chapter BE partners with you as you navigate a change to write the next chapter of your life. Working one-on-one, Chapter BE uses brain-based techniques to guide you through the process of reframing your narrative from doing to BEing, helping you define success internally and reconnecting with a greater humanity.

The personalized coaching process leads you through the following.

  • A reflection of past narratives – personal and professional
  • An exploration of possible narratives moving forward
  • A reframing of the habitual narrative of doing, to one of BEing
  • A creative process that will empower you to make a change or flourish into your potential through
    a values-based narrative

Making a necessary change by yourself may at times seem like an impossible challenge. Chapter BE is here to support you through the process of turning that page so that you can start the next chapter.

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BE open to change; BE the process
facilitation with chapter be
Using a mindful, experiential, and integrative approach, Chapter BE partners with you as you navigate a Chapter BE offers collaborative facilitation opportunities for groups of individuals, organizations and corporations. Utilizing storytelling, journey mapping, design thinking and narrative coaching, Chapter BE builds customized workshops that guide individuals as they reframe their narrative from doing to BEing and realign their values to create a better connection with themselves, an organization’s mission, or one another.

Chapter BE works with organizations or corporations that are seeking ways to build their company culture, while developing individual team members. This is done by constructing a unique program that includes the following.

  • Empathy gathering and storytelling activities that build a deeper understanding of both self and other, which in turn fosters authentic connections.
  • Group coaching that includes opportunities for individuals to work on personal and team growth through the lens of first BE, then do.
  • Design Thinking Labs that spark conversation and ideation about work-life harmony and how workplace culture plays a role in valuing staff’s BEing.
  • Brain-based exercises that assist with making meaningful change in order to align personal and professional lives and feel more connected to both.

Contact us to schedule a consultation on how Chapter BE can work with your organization or team!

Speaking & Storytelling

Change the Conversation
speaking with chapter be
Let Chapter BE tell you a story. A story of BEing curious; of BEing open to change; of BEing inclusive; of BEing playful; of BEing your whole self. A story that helps you realize your BEing and reframe your narrative as you turn to the next chapter.

Chapter BE offers speaking and storytelling engagements for students, adults, organizations, institutions, and conferences that touch on the following topics.

Reframing your narrative from doing to BEing

  • How do we put the BE back into Beings?
  • Internal vs. external measures of success
  • Story making and story breaking

The power of connection

  • Connection is at the heart of being human
  • Connecting through conversation
  • Connecting to our own humanity to see the human in each other.

Finding/(re)connecting to our civility through BEing

  • Society’s disconnection and loneliness
  • Seeking common ground as a starting point for dialogue about differences

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