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Be the News that You Want to See in the World

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While I was on the road for the The Being of a Nation road trip, I found that I was reading the news and checking my various feeds much less then I usually do. I knew enough to be aware of what was going on in the country, but I was not obsessive about checking/reading/watching/scrolling (which I have a tendency to do!). It was fascinating to feel like I knew what was … CONTINUE READING

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“The Being of a Nation” A Month Later…

It has been a month since I finished The Being of a Nation road trip and returned to Denver after three months of traversing the continental United States while getting the chance to talk to 375 strangers about how they want to be in the world. I took a few weeks to just be – catching up with people, sleep, and bad TV – and am now onto Phase II of this work…going through all … CONTINUE READING

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Be of the People, by the People, for the People

Yesterday, Washington, DC was a rough day for #TheBeingofaNation road trip. I am not sure if it was the day, the temperature, the locations I picked, or the time of day that I chose, but I got more “no” responses than I got “yes” ones. I learned early on in the project to let go of the number of people I am able to talk to and focus on quality over quantity. Yet, when you … CONTINUE READING

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Challenging Times Call for BE Positive

I am almost 2/3 through The Being of a Nation road trip, and while it will take some time to go through all of the interviews at the end of the trip and do an overall analysis of them, so far there is one thing has clearly stood out for me: There are a lot of good people in this country, who want good for our country.

It dawned on me this past weekend that … CONTINUE READING

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Be Love

Many people have asked me why I decided to do The Being of a Nation, and while there are many answers to that question, the main one is that I wanted to get out from behind my computer and connect with other Americans. I want to see with my own eyes who Americans are, feel with my own heart what they are feeling, and hear with my own ears how they choose to answer … CONTINUE READING

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100/100: The Being of a Nation

100/100 || Day 100 is playful for the mere fact that I can finally share with you the landing page and map route of The Being of a Nation!! The landing page will show you both the map guide that I will be using as well as more information about the road trip! ⠀

I have been hard at work preparing everything so that I can leave on July 15th – with my … CONTINUE READING

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99/100: Be You

99/100 || Packing sucks. I always think, “Oh, this is going to go so quickly!” And then 5 hours later I have more piles than I do packed boxes! It is hard when you are trying to purge at the same time that you are packing – knowing that it will feel so much better on the other end when you open the boxes and just have what you “need.” ⠀


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98/100: Be One

98/100 || Over the years I have used tarot cards with different friends and my sister, who can give a pretty amazing reading, but I decided that it was probably time to get my own deck. I wanted to be able to take a deck of tarot with me on “The Being of a Nation” road trip, so that I could use the cards to help guide me along my own personal experience on the … CONTINUE READING

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97/100: Be Blissful

97/100 || So…I’ve been a bit crazed getting everything packed up and ready to go in order to depart for “The Being of a Nation” on Saturday. When you get busy it is super easy to push play to the back burner. I had told some friends about music playing in the park near my apartment but on the day wondered if I should cancel since there was more stuff in mounds around my place … CONTINUE READING

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96/100: Be Willing to Take a Risk

96/100 || I know this is a bit of an odd picture, but it tells a story. Beatrice (the Be Mobile) has had a rough start of it. On Saturday, after two AAA visits, she ended up getting a new battery. Dealing with all of that was not the *most* fun so in an effort to flip the script, I did some external work on Bea that felt a little more playful. She came with … CONTINUE READING

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