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79/100: Be Cheeky

79/100 || Last night I finally had the chance to check out the new El Five, and besides the pretentiousness of getting upstairs to the restaurant, the food was yummy, the bartenders were wonderful and the views were spectacular. It was such a lovely warm night, and getting the chance to sit above the city with a friend and some rosé made it really feel like summer is officially here!

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78/100: Be a Storyteller

78/100 || I was gifted The Storymatic by my brother-in-love, Adam, and decided to have some storytelling fun with it on Tuesday. The premise is that you pull cards from the stack and create a story from it. I do so much writing, that I instead decided to draw out my story. I use the word “drawing” loosely as it is not something that I am entirely comfortable doing – but that is exactly why … CONTINUE READING

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77/100: Be a Good Neighbor

77/100 || How well do you know your neighbors? Embarrassingly, I do not know mine very well. Enough to say hello, but if I am honest – I wish I knew them a little better. So, I decided that I would leave a little message for those who also walk the pathway that I walk almost every day. Just a small little something in the hopes that when one of my neighbors passes by, it … CONTINUE READING

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76/100: Be Love

76/100 || This past Sunday was the Pride parade in Denver – which was instant playfulness! It was a beautiful day in the city, and I absolutely loved getting to witness people showing up in all of their true-self glory! I love Pride because to me it is the epitome of allowing people to JUST BE. The ❤️ of Chapter Be is supporting people who are living their true, authentic path in life – defined … CONTINUE READING

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75/100: Be Fun

75/100 || Sometimes all you need is a 3 minute @lyft ride with four friends and one fabulously fun driver! Our driver, Benu, could have been annoyed or irritated with five (somewhat *tipsy*) women piling into her car for a 3 minute drive, but she was friendly and positive and so sweet. She threw on some @beyonce for us and all six of us danced and sang for that full three minutes. She had such … CONTINUE READING

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74/100: Be Fierce

74/100 || Have you ever wanted to make the street or sidewalk your very own catwalk? Sometimes you just need to take an ordinary walk and turn it into a *fierce* walk. One of my favorite NYC memories is when I was walking out of my gym on 14th Street just as a guy was walking by in full strut – earphones in and singing “Walk, Walk fashion baby, work it move that bitch crazy…” … CONTINUE READING

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73/100: Be Sassy

73/100 || It’s said that you should dress for the job you want, not for the job you have. I say dress to make yourself happy! I find a lot of playfulness in picking out what I will wear each day – and my mood is a big indicator of what I choose. If you need to feel a little more playful that day – maybe put on a jumpsuit covered in daisies!


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72/100: Be Dreamy

72/100 || The evening sky last night was completely dreamy. I walked home after having a delicious dinner at a friend’s house at the just-right time! That window where the sun is setting and streaming through the clouds giving them the most beautiful backlight – displaying them in all their fluffy glory! I found myself like a NYC tourist, walking the whole way home looking upward – watching as they slowly moved and trying to … CONTINUE READING

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71/100: Be Electric

71/100 || So I’m pretty much obsessed with the neon brush option in Instagram Stories – it gives me such insane happiness when I use it. What can I say – I’ll always be a 1980s kid at 💛. It makes me think of the movie “Cocktail” (which I just rewatched again a few weeks ago and it is still flippin’ amazing. Tom Cruise at his best. Pre crazy Scientology stuff. I even tried to … CONTINUE READING

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70/100: Be High Flying

70/100 || Last night on my evening walk, I stopped at a local playground – specifically the swings. Swings are definitely my favorite part of any playground – they would always be my go-to. There is a freedom you feel when you swing – it has a way of bringing you to the present moment and really making it hard to think about anything by the euphoria of the movement. Whether it is a slow … CONTINUE READING

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