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99/100: Be You

99/100 || Packing sucks. I always think, “Oh, this is going to go so quickly!” And then 5 hours later I have more piles than I do packed boxes! It is hard when you are trying to purge at the same time that you are packing – knowing that it will feel so much better on the other end when you open the boxes and just have what you “need.” ⠀

Yet, in the middle of all the mayhem, I decided that my playful act of the day would be going through and reading entries in old notebooks/journals. I have a *small* addiction to notebooks. Never leave me alone in a paper products store. My problem is that I am not loyal to one notebook, so have started many and move to the next before completely filling/finishing one. Reading through my entries was a very playful moment in the midst of all my piles. It felt somewhat rebellious! ⠀

It was pretty amazing to read through the many lists I have written, my reflections at different moments in my life over the last several years, and to think about where I am at this very moment. The overwhelming feeling was that my biggest lesson is learning to let go a bit of the lists about things I want to do or accomplish and just allow myself to live into those things. That things happen exactly when they are supposed to, and that trusting in the power of just being myself – flaws and all – is what makes life the most beautiful. ⠀

So – these cherished 1/2 filled notebooks will go into the keep pile, but the 2nd half of the notebooks will be filled with more about who I am and what I have to be grateful for. But, I am sure, still many lists. I’m a list girl. That ain’t going anywhere.



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