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98/100: Be One

98/100 || Over the years I have used tarot cards with different friends and my sister, who can give a pretty amazing reading, but I decided that it was probably time to get my own deck. I wanted to be able to take a deck of tarot with me on “The Being of a Nation” road trip, so that I could use the cards to help guide me along my own personal experience on the road. So, I ventured to Ritual Cravt here in Denver, and it was so playful going through the various decks trying to find the right fit for me. I eventually decided on Fountain Tarot when I came across this quote in its guidebook: “The Fountain Tarot lives and breathes the universal and unnameable force of which everything and nothing are a part. It reflects an infinite consciousness beyond the cycles of birth and death, beginnings and endings. It is a return to the ‘oneness’ of which we all sense that we are, and a removal of separateness.” I thought this so beautifully encapsulated a lot of the bigger ideas of this road trip. Getting the chance to talk to various, diverse people across this country and getting to examine how we are all connected in our humanness. I hope this deck will guide me as I explore this question and follow my curiosities! ✨🔮



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