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97/100: Be Blissful

97/100 || So…I’ve been a bit crazed getting everything packed up and ready to go in order to depart for “The Being of a Nation” on Saturday. When you get busy it is super easy to push play to the back burner. I had told some friends about music playing in the park near my apartment but on the day wondered if I should cancel since there was more stuff in mounds around my place than IN boxes. But, luckily one friend said she’d be there, so I left my mound-full apartment and ventured out into a beautiful Sunday evening. It was so lovely – to sit with her and just soak up the live music and community feel! It was what I needed and was such a pleasant way to spend a couple hours. Yet another reminder that when we think we don’t have the time to play – that is exactly what we should do!



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