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92/100: Be Experimental

92/100 || 4th of July in my family was never quite complete without my grandmother’s potato salad, so it felt a little daunting when I was tasked with bringing it to dinner. I got the recipe from my mom (which was more like a list and some helpful tips because of course my g-ma never actually used a recipe) and was trying so hard to follow it to the tee and make it “just right.” But then…I thought about The 100 Day Project , and decided that I could never make it like my grandmother, so instead I needed to just have fun with it and put my own twist on it. I decided to just experiment with it and add anything that I thought sounded like it could be yummy. It helped to take the stress out of it (cause, I mean, it’s just potato salad at the end of the day!), and instead see it as a chance to try something new and, perhaps, make some mistakes – or have some happy accidents! I have to say – it wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t my grandma’s but it was different and, well, no one starved!



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