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90/100: Be Free

90/100 || Yesterday was a glorious day of play because I got to spend it with my niece, The Empress. It was the first time we spent the day together – just the two of us! We had four hours where we just got to hang and get to know one another a little better. Since she lives in CA these moments are few, but they are cherished. I loved just watching her. She was so free! She sang the entire time we went on our walk, she chased after Harriet Ethel, she laughed so hard at the stupidest things that I did. It all left me with an overwhelming feeling of just being free – free to be yourself, free to follow your yearnings and heart desires, free from other’s judgements and critiques. I found myself being so playful, just to make her laugh, because her little giggle makes my ❤️ explode! I can’t wait till my other niece, Lotta Love, is old enough for the three of us to just hang in all our playful glory!


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