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89/100: Be Present

89/100 || Dominoes!!! A game that’s been played in my family for generations! My grandparents used to play with their parents and so we grew up playing it with them. The tradition carries on to this day, and I look forward to the day that we can teach my nieces how to play. One year for Christmas my grandfather gave me a set in which he hand-painted all the dots for me. It is one of my most favorite possessions, as every time I look at it I think of the love and time he put into making them for me. It was not until I was teaching in NYC that I learned from my Dominican students that there was a completely different way to play dominoes – which just made these little numbered rectangles all the more endearing to me! If you play the way I grew up playing – it can be a LONG game…but the slowness of the game really allows you to be present – in the moment and with those who you are playing with. They also just remind me of a simpler time – when we connected not by watching tv together or sending one another a text message – but by sitting around a table, face-to-face, playing a simple game. What games did you grow up playing or maybe still do?! ⠀



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