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88/100: Be a Creator

88/100 || Friday’s play was playing hooky for a Friday Funday at the @seriesfest to support a friend who was a part of the team who created the drama pilot, “Down Home.” It is not often that you get to go to the movie theater in the middle of a weekday, which was fun in and of itself, but to get the chance to see something that your friend has helped to create made it all the better! And…it was so good! I both cried and laughed, which – for me – is always an indicator that I am feeling a show. That I’ve moved from thinking about what I am seeing to feeling the emotion of it all. Plus, it was really so inspiring to see a group of people who were so invested in working and creating together – supporting one another in each other’s creative endeavors. It was yet another confirmation that collaboration is such an important part of a creative process. They created the pilot with a $2000 budget – each of them hustling to make it happen. Whenever I see creative people working their arses off, I am reminded of the fact that there is a long road before those of us on the other side see the “finished product.” The point, though, is to just do it! Create. Give it a try. Find support in others, so you don’t have to go it alone, but take the time to try. Beautiful things come out of it when you do! ⠀


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