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8/100: Be Illuminated

8/100 || Tonight was April’s full moon – the Pink Moon! It was named by Native Americans, not because it is pink in color, but after the wild ground phlox that blooms in the springtime. The spiritual meaning of a pink moon represents focusing on new and exciting things that could bloom in this new season. My playful being activity today was being sure to take some time to check it out and observe it’s beauty.

It is always interesting to observe a moon from a city vs. in the country. I grew up in a place where the stars and moon are much more prominent, but there is also an amazing beauty in the moon next to a cityscape. As I was attempting to snap some pictures of the moon, I was adjusting the lighting by taking pictures of the skyline – and I had a mini flashback to the photography class I took years ago when I was living in New York City. It was in the late fall, and we would be assigned homework in-between classes. I would go out after work, and since it was late fall, this meant it was usually quite dark outside. I grew to absolutely LOVE shooting nighttime scenes. My final project ended up being images that I caught of life happening inside of stores and restaurants while I stood outside observing. To me it represented so much of what you do in New York – experience life while walking through the city…and nighttime in New York is *distinctly* different then daytime. It was such a special time for me – walking, observing and quietly shooting small moments in time. I would walk and walk until my fingers were so cold it was hard to keep going – and that is when I would jump on the subway and head home.

Reflecting on those moments brought back such a flutter of excitement and reminded me how much I love taking pictures at nighttime. What is amazing to me is that in only a week of working on this project, I have noticed that my moments of play evoke so many memories. It has been quite heart-opening to tap back into these moments – and more specifically the feelings I have in these moments. Both this realization and the beautiful moon are illuminating this evening!

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