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79/100: Be Cheeky

79/100 || Last night I finally had the chance to check out the new El Five, and besides the pretentiousness of getting upstairs to the restaurant, the food was yummy, the bartenders were wonderful and the views were spectacular. It was such a lovely warm night, and getting the chance to sit above the city with a friend and some rosé made it really feel like summer is officially here!

But…my playful act actually came when I noticed an old neighbor sitting across the bar from us. In thinking about my earlier reflections about neighbors, and the fact that I always thought he was quite adorable, I asked the bartender if he had a small piece of paper. He brought me some paper and a pen, I wrote a quick note, and asked the bartended to deliver it to my old neighbor. Never in my entire bar-going life have I ever done anything like this. I always wanted to – thank you movies – but never have. The note was innocent enough – and it definitely evoked some confusion and then a laugh, but the best part is that at no point did I think, “This will be my playful act of the day.” I just did it, and then realized later the playfulness of it all. Could this 100 Day Project be truly rubbing off on me?!

The cheeky part…he was clearly on a date. So, there’s that. But…the best part of being playful is that it becomes about the act vs. the expectation. You just let it be a moment and then you move on – allowing space for the experience without really overthinking it all. So maybe, when it is for the sake of play, you let go of you fears a bit and find a little more bravery? So, yeah…more play, less thinking!

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