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52/100: Be Fantastical

52/100 || The lights in my kitchen always cause so many shadows, so it’s tricky if I’m ever trying to photograph something at night time! As I was walking through it last night, though, I noticed how it caught my silhouette, which made me think of how children get so delighted by shadow animals. I quickly Googled “shadow animals” and there are some intricate ones!! I played with them – and tried to recreate the ones that I thought were fun and different – a crab, a moose, an elephant! Since many of those require two hands, I was not able to photograph them – so captured some of the trusty-and-true ones from my childhood! ⠀

Children will spend hours using light and shadows as a form of entertainment. Whole stories, characters, and scenarios can be developed. Yet, how often as adults do we ignore or not even notice our shadows? Why do we stop make believing? The use of wild imagination is what leads to innovation, creativity, new mindsets, and simple delight. We need more of it! This playful activity made me think about the spaces where adults still do allow for make believe to enter into their lives – which tends to be through movies or books. I think that is why so many adults love stories like Harry Potter as much as children do – it allows them the freedom to be imaginative and fantastical! I also see a connection between “make believe” and visualization. You hear about the power of visualizing what you want to see in the world/your life – which, isn’t that just the power of believing in what you want to be true?


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