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42/100: Be Ridiculous

42/100 || I worked from home today, so felt like I needed to add a little ridiculousness to the day! Working by and for yourself – well, you can get a little loopy…and not always in a good way! It is one of the reasons why I made BE Collaborative one of my 2017 BE Mantras – after almost 6 years of contract work and 4 years of Chapter Be, working for myself is getting old. So, to spice up the day a bit, I decided to wear this red nose that I got at Walgreens for Red Nose Day. The red noses are about working to end child poverty. So – let me clarify that in no way do I believe that the cause is ridiculous – I just used the nose as a play prop today!

I was not able to keep it on for too-too long as it made me sneeze when I wore it and it was kinda hard to breathe – but every time I caught my reflection in the window or in my sleeping computer screen it made me laugh. For me, I wanted these moments of red nose play to be the symbol or reminder that some ridiculousness is necessary and needed. I like ridiculous people. People who color outside the lines of life and push the norm boundaries. They are interesting to me. I know that sometimes I worry to much about perception and that I actually need to let my ridiculous and goofy side shine more! Now, I know that it would be even more ridiculous to wear the red nose out in public and not just while working from home – but by adding a little ridiculousness to my work day helped me get out of my head a bit. It was almost like when I found myself thinking too much – I put on the nose! It works as a great physical reminder to bring the seriousness down a notch and let your freak flag fly high!

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