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41/100: Be an Explorer

41/100 || Sunday I stopped into Tattered Cover Book Store to get a gift and see if I could buy a map of the United States. I am in the beginning stages of working on a project idea for Chapter Be, and while there were no maps available to buy, I found myself perusing through the travel books in the nearby section. It felt so playful to get to leaf through these books and have them contribute to this idea that I am trying to bring to fruition. That play was the inspiration I needed to keep moving forward and try to shift my idea from a dream to reality. Seeing all the various book options reminded me that we cannot get too stuck in an idea, but have to let that idea develop and grow based on the realities that appear through action. I’m learning that I have some fear around this idea, so these books of travel and adventure prompted me re-lookup the definition of exploration:
The action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it.
The books, even just the covers, evoked feelings – not thoughts. It is the feeling that I need to keep at the center as I work to turn this idea into action. When we explore, we have to travel IN or THROUGH something to learn about it. That involves living it, feeling it, seeing it, being it. Play is a beautiful first step toward being an explorer!

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