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40/100: Be Reminiscent

40/100 || Do you remember when getting popcorn was a big deal? Like a special treat?! When I was little if we were making popcorn it was a SPECIAL night! Microwave popcorn changed that a bit [this was before we were woke to the insane chemicals that made it so tasty and delicious and…yellow], but it was not an every night occurrence. If the popcorn machine was coming out, you knew the night ahead was gonna be fun and different then all the others.
Sometimes I buy candy or make popcorn for dinner just because I can. It is these moments where I remember I am an adult and the boss of my own life. Silly, I know, but true. It is like I can have “special” whenever I want – but the thing is that actually takes the special out of it. So, on Saturday when I made some popcorn, I instead tried to invoke the feelings I had when I was younger. Just being more aware of finding gratitude in the simplicity was quite lovely. There was play in it when I was younger, so why shouldn’t there be now? We loved to watch it pop in wonder, and when I really stopped and thought about it – how freakin’ cool is it that these little kernels pop into something so yummy and delicious?! And – how amazing that someone realized they could do this! It was worth stopping to appreciate. By reminiscing, I was able to channel those feelings and use the simple task of popping popcorn as an opportunity to find the play in an activity that I’d come to take for granted.

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