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4/100: Be Magical

4/100 || Where are my children of the 80s?! How many of you remember magic grow capsules? When I was younger I was obsessed with them. I remember being so mesmerized by their magic! So when I was doing some boring errands and saw that they were on sale for a mere $1.00, I knew what I needed to do!

I found that it was the same feeling as I waited to see what would pop out of each capsule. Making me realize that there are very few things that are surprises anymore – and there is so much delight in a small surprise. It made me wonder how we as adults can try to incorporate more tiny surprises into our lives? And – even though I now know how the magic grow capsules work (unlike when I was younger), it made me think about the power in just trusting in a little magic. Not everything needs to be explained. Sometimes ignorance *is* bliss and there is a lot of beauty in just allowing something to be magical. How can we all be more magical or create the space in our lives to allow for moments of magic?

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