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30/100: Be Silly

30/100 || I’m not the biggest fan of selfies, and I would never purport to look good in one. But, I wasn’t quite sure how else to display Day 30’s act of play without one. And, I figured that this day’s play was all about not taking yourself too seriously, so…here we are!

I was recalling how when I was younger, sometimes to make ourselves laugh, my sisters and I would say everything with our lips covering our teeth. We would, of course, turn it into a competition – the first one to laugh or say something with teeth bared would lose. I decided yesterday that I would read a whole handful of emails – out loud – with my teeth covered. I did not last long before I started laughing out loud – and realizing how difficult it is! Also, it really made emails seem a lot less important! Adding this simple silliness into my day made me slow down a bit and put things into perspective.

It also made me realize the importance of being silly and being around people who you can be silly with. When my sisters and I are all together, it does not take long for us to resort back to our youth and speak in funny voices or just be goofy. We have seen each other at our most absurd and goofiest moments, and I love that I can still be as goofy, silly and strange as I want around them. We need to remember to surround ourselves with people who let their silliness and goofy sides shine. It makes life more interesting and fun.

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