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28/100: Be Novel

28/100 || How delightful are these blue trees?! Artist Kon Dimopoulos has painted trees blue throughout the Denver Theatre District as a way to raise awareness to global deforestation and consciousness of urban greenery. The trees are such a surreal treat in the middle of downtown and to top it off every Monday in May from 11am – 2pm they are doing a meditation series, Sacred Art, led by Kimberly Allyse Johnson. Meditating amongst blue trees seemed like a perfect way to get my play in for the day!

It was so fun to approach 14th Street and see these trees pop up as a beautiful juxtaposition to the grey streets and buildings. The blue trunks and branches really do make you acutely aware that the trees are there – a present part in our everyday that we quite often take for granted. After living in NYC for as long as I did, I’ve come to really appreciate trees in an urban setting. They bring so much life (and shade) to a city, and soften it in a much needed way.

It felt so playful to sit down on the ground in between a bunch of the trees, listen to Kimberly’s meditation and absorb all of this blue beauty in the middle of my Monday afternoon. The breeze was blowing, and if I allowed myself to let the building behind me blur into the background, I would have guessed I was somewhere out in nature. I loved that the meditation had us focus on love and play – instructing you to imagine twirling in circles, tumbling down a hill, running through a meadow. It made me think about the importance of creating space for novelty in our day – to allow in the unexpected and unconventional, as it opens our minds and hearts to a whole new perspective and set of feelings. Blue trees are novel. Meditating in the middle of blue trees on a busy downtown street is novel. Sitting on the sidewalk in the middle of your Monday to meditate is novel. And it was delightful. I think I’ll be going back next Monday…

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