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27/100: Be Confident

27/100 || When I initially posted that I was going to do this 100 Day Project, I created a list of playful things that I could and wanted to do over the hundred days. One of those things was attending a self-defense class. Admittedly, the topic alone does not evoke playfulness, but it felt like something that would be different and a good way to challenge myself. So, when I saw a friend post about a free self-defense class being offered at Dark Horse Combat Club – I decided I should take advantage of the opportunity!

It is safe to say that when I walked into the space – I was out of my element! The club specializes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Judo. I will tell you – if my barely-there arms don’t already give it away – these are not things that I know very much (at all) about. I was intimidated, yet excited to be pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Once I entered the room, though, I quickly realized that I was not alone – there were women of all ages, shapes, and sizes there to learn how to best protect themselves.

There actually were some playful parts of the day as we crawled on the floor, kicked punching bags and talked to one another. Yet, as I practiced these moves it really made me think about the importance of strength. As women, our health can so often be associated with our appearance, but as I got further into the workshop all I wanted was to get STRONGER – both physically and mentally. I so appreciated that the instructors at no point made us feel weak, but instead treated us as fully capable.

Women are quite often raised to be polite and, quite honestly, overly concerned with how our actions might hurt others. This is not to say that we should not be conscious of how we impact someone else, but when it is at the cost of our own well-being – it’s not healthy. While we were given some very useful moves and tools to use if we are ever attacked, one of the most important take-aways was the immense power in being confident. Confident in our abilities. Confident in our right to take up space. Confident in using our voices. Confident in our own strength (barely-there arms and all!).

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