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26/100: Be Focused

26/100 || Yesterday I attended Bella Dodds‘ workshop at Samadhi Yoga which focused on how you can self-heal when moments of overwhelm take over. It was so good (be sure to check it out next time she offers it!), and really helped me think about things from a new angle and perspective. I always feel that the more tools you can add to your toolbox when it comes to self-care and mental health the better! One of the things that she suggested was that if you have an animal, you can use the feeling of love you have for them as a way to identify a pure love feeling. Then, you can tap into that feeling in other moments where you want/need to be channeling love. This resonated, as there aren’t many things that I love more than #HarrietEthel!

When I got home, Miz Harriet had a lot of energy, so she went a little crazy running around the apartment with one of her favorite side-kicks, Kitty. She loves her some Kitty, and when she plays with her she throws her in the air and tries to catch her. Kitty has often been found on the top of bookshelves or the back of the couch – having been tossed there in an overly ambitious throw. I just sat and watched her – and although it was not *me* being playful, watching her be in a complete state of play was so smile-inducing. When she is in these moments she is so focused on her act of play. She’s really so engaged and not very interested in much else.

Watching her made me think about how, as humans, it is so easy to let our minds wander when we are doing something. But – when we remain focused on our task – whether it’s a playful act or not – it’s a wonderful way to be present in the now. Between Bella’s words of wisdom and Harriet’s instinctual play, it encouraged me to stop and really observe my sweet, feisty pet. Animals have the potential and capability to be our greatest teachers, if we just take the time to watch and relish in all the beauty that they give us.

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