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24/100: Be Carefree

24/100 || I turned today’s morning walk into a morning skip. Well…skip-walk…cause skipping the whole way would have given me flashbacks to my track days of endless plyos and there was more pain then play there! You definitely feel a bit silly, but it does not take long to get lost in the carefree spirit of skipping.

While skipping, I couldn’t help but think of prancercising, which then made me think of my mother – who can do a MEAN prancercise! Any of you who know Carol Blake – ask her to prancercise. It’s amazing. Then I thought of the Friends episode where Rachel is embarrassed to run with Phoebe because she runs all carefree and wild. So, as I skipped down the sidewalk, I found myself laughing thinking of my mom prancercising and Phoebe’s funny run.

It is safe to say that I would not have randomly thought of these things on my morning walk – but the skipping tapped into memories and images that made me smile. Sometimes it isn’t about the act itself, but what the act evokes. If we are thinking about happy things we are more likely to feel happy. The feeling is what then helps you move from being head-centered to heart-centered. The moral being – add a little more skipping to your day. Chances are you won’t be able to help but feel a bit more carefree and lighthearted!

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