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23/100: Be Persistent

23/100 || So, this feels a little like cheating because I wanted all of my play activities to be screen-free – but I noticed something while playing the highly addictive Two Dots (I know, I know – you warned me @mereblake) that I thought was rather interesting in relation to play. Which is that when we are in a state of play, we are much more likely to be persistent and allow space for failure. There is an inherent knowledge that you could lose – but that does not keep you from playing it. You have to keep trying in order to “win.”

I am embarrassed to say how long I will allow myself to play a level of Two Dots in order to conquer it and move onto the next. I do not throw a fit when I lose – but instead use it as an opportunity to learn – and then take those learnings into the next try. I’ll spend the time (and lives) to just try out different moves – for the mere purpose of learning. The more knowledge I have about the game and what works or doesn’t work – the more likely I am to pass the level and move onto the next. I believe we do the same thing when playing sports or a board game, too. We choose to play the game, and we see it as a fun challenge or opportunity to master whatever game it is we are playing.

How can we carry over this same approach to our everyday life? How can we be okay with trying something – just for the sake of knowing that we are gaining knowledge to inform our next try? Instead of seeing something that does not work as a sign to stop – how do we instead see it as data or information that is teaching us what to do or what not to do when we make our next attempt/try/step/move, etc.? How can we see our life as a fun game to be played – learning with each new level a new play or maneuver or tactic to help us with the next?

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