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22/100: Be in Your Own Flow

22/100 || Today I was able to check out an amazing yoga class at The People’s Yoga before leaving Portland – and it was just what I needed! I took a wonderful Hatha class with Rachel Stern, and one of the things that I loved most about the class was that she infused so much silliness and play into it. She instructed us to breathe in and then breathe out in the most ridiculous, funny and silly way that we could imagine…which I so appreciated because sometimes yoga classes can get so intense and over-the-top structured. She also encouraged us to follow the flow that made the most sense for our bodies and to not just do something because it is what you think you are supposed to do while in a yoga class. And – to top it all off, she wore the most amazing hot pink, heart-shaped sunglasses on her head the whole time. People can take themselves pretty-pretty seriously in a yoga class, so when she had us spice it up with some silliness it was such a wonderful reminder that neither yoga nor life should not be taken too seriously.

At the end of class she announced that she is going to be leading a month long series – The Playful Practice – which will “get all kinds of silly in order to bring you out of your self demanding perfectionism and into your light-hearted, strong bodied presence.” The class will be “infused with jokes, dancing, games, funny faces, and anything else that allows you to tap into the joy of being fully alive, perfectly divine, and imperfectly human.” I mean…of all the classes in all the studios in Portland and my friend, Jenny, picked this one for us to go to?! It was just so beautifully aligned with 100 Days of Playful Being, and I love how the yoga angels decided to send Rachel and her playful spirit my way!

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