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18/100: Be Belly Laughter

18/100 || These three ladies! I am so grateful for their wisdom, guidance, loving energy and ability to make me laugh so hard when we are together. And…they even willingly send me a selfie from the bar when I ask – no questions asked! After a day of being consumed by work and worry – being able to sit with them over a beer, share stories and have a few amazing belly laughs – well, it does life good!

It is really amazing how when you are laughing, it is next to impossible to be thinking about anything that you may be worried or angry about. Laughter has a way of leveling all of that and making you feel nothing but the moment you are in. It can alleviate stress and is such a beautiful release of pure emotion and feeling. So many of my playful moments have evoked laughter – reminding me that they definitely are closely related and foster each other. Laughter is amazing, but BELLY laughs – now that’s the secret sauce. The more belly laughs you can infuse into your day/week/life the better. Thank you Angela, Maura & Bella!

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