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12/100: Be Eggcellent

12/100 || I’m sorry – I had to. It was just staring me in the face demanding that I do it. So, here ya have it. Being playful seems like it should include a few dad puns in there, no?

Today my playfulness involved making deviled eggs for an evening celebration. They are something that make my mouth happy. Making them is very labor intensive, so you feel like your mouth deserves to be happy after all that hard work. My favorite part – by far – is putting all of the filling into a bag and squishing it around, before cutting a hole in the corner of the bag and neatly filling up the egg cups. Mild distraction from the fact that it takes WAY less time to eat them then it does to make them. I feel like there is an analogy in there but I am too tired to find it at the moment.

Right now something I am struggling with on my 100 day project is the documentation of it. [Hence why my eggs are nice and crusty in this picture – they were captured at the *end* of the night, as I forgot to take a picture when they were nice, new and beautiful!]. A big part of my project is about being in the moment of playfulness – and not letting my head take me out of that heart-centered moment. But, when you have to start thinking about how you are going to capture the moment – it can very much remove you from the moment of play/creation to a space of *thinking* about the moment. Any recommendations anyone else has found to be helpful in their process would be eggcellent ;o)

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  1. Rebecca Thering April 16, 2017 at 12:07 pm #

    Hey Kirsten! Thanks for sharing your struggle–I think the photo is totally fine! You captured the moment exactly as it was—this is what deviled eggs look like after sitting out for several hours. The internet could sure use more of this! 😉 As I’m sure you know, and which you’ll likely know deeper by the end of this project, it was the experience of making the eggs and the joy of eating them which are important. Whether you scribble a drawing of an egg on a piece of paper to document the event or have a professional photographer take a picture, it won’t change the moment you experienced.

    During my 100 days of mind mapping, for most of it I was frustrated because I quickly learned that I don’t like making mind maps! They’re ugly and messy—you don’t know where they’re going before you start. And I could have easily been making much more beautiful, organized lists/venn diagrams/other visuals instead. But after 100 days of it, I learned that the “ugly” mind maps got ideas out of my head and onto the page, so I could later gather up the ideas and THEN put my organizing skills into use, turning several of the mind maps into full blog posts—stories I’d been keeping in for years. It really is just about the process of doing, not the result.

    So, advice for documentation? Remember why you’re doing this project: to play. To feel playful during moments each day. If you do that, it’s a success—no matter how you document it. Until your internal self catches up to what you know logically to be true, you could always make a game of it: Try to capture the ugliest photo of each experience! Then you’ll never be disappointed! 😉

    Looking forward to see how you work through this issue during the project. Hope you had a nice weekend!

    • kblake April 17, 2017 at 2:40 pm #

      Exactly! The whole purpose of this project is about being in the moment and FEELING the playful experience. It is about learning to let go of the final product – which as a perfectionist can be challenging for me! So- as you said, it is putting up imperfect pictures and letting go of how it is presented. That in itself is a good practice. I think it is also finding creative ways to document an experience. I have found that a lot of the other 100 day projects are based around people creating something (i.e. a painting, drawing, lettering, etc.), so they can just take a picture of what they have created. But – when it is an experience – it cannot always be captured in an image. So – it is finding fun and crafty ways to do that! Thanks for the great feedback and for being along with me on this process!!

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