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100/100: The Being of a Nation

100/100 || Day 100 is playful for the mere fact that I can finally share with you the landing page and map route of The Being of a Nation!! The landing page will show you both the map guide that I will be using as well as more information about the road trip! ⠀

I have been hard at work preparing everything so that I can leave on July 15th – with my first stop being in Santa Fe, New Mexico! I don’t think I could have gotten to this moment if it were not for The 100 Day Project and taking the steps to being playful for the last 3+ months! For me, the biggest takeaway from this project has been the mindset shift that happened. It was not always easy to do something playful every day, but just asking the question, “Have you been playful today?” was a huge shift for me! It is about prioritizing play just as much as you prioritize anything else! ⠀
The truth is that I have been thinking about taking Chapter Be on the road for almost TWO years, but it always felt like too huge of an undertaking. Yet, by being playful every day for this project, I instead starting seeing the possibility through a completely different lens. I began to see it as something that I could just play with – not be too stuck on the end expectation, but instead just approach each day with a playful and open attitude. Playfulness made it feel possible. Playfulness is what brought me to this very moment. ⠀

So, as this project ends, I am about to go out on one of the most playful adventures I have ever had! I am both excited and nervous all at the same time, but I am mostly thrilled to just be following my curiosities! I truly hope that I get to meet you all on the road! Please keep an out out for me, Beatrice (the Be Mobile) and Harriet, so that you can share your BE story with us! Tally ho!


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