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Eddy Bowles knew from a very young age that he wanted to be a performer. He would lock himself in his parents’ basement to dance and choreograph moves without anyone knowing or seeing. But, by the time he was a senior in high school, he fully embraced his love for dance and outwardly proclaimed himself to be a dancer. Fast forward another 12 years to him making his Broadway debut at the age of 30 – living out his childhood dreams in doing so!

Yet, as all dancers know – making a career and life out of dancing is no small feat. It takes intense practice, dedication, resilience and acceptance that it might not be a life-long career. So, how do you approach something that you know will most likely have an expiration date? Dance is a form of self-expression and, if it is a passion, it will always be a part of you. It just might not be something that you can financially live off of forever.

Eddy encountered this moment at the age of 35, when he was faced with having to figure out what would be next for him. He was not interested in being a dance instructor or opening a dance studio – so what would he do? After meeting his future husband in Denver, CO on a tour of the Mary Poppins musical, he made the decision to leave New York and explore a whole new career. The exploration itself was a process, but it led him to open his own custom framing business – The Corner Custom Framing.

In the podcast episode we talk about what it means to transition out of a career that you are passionate about, the importance of self-confidence and being comfortable with yourself and how vital it is to ask for help when making a change! Listen below to learn more about Eddy’s Chapter Be story…





What’s your favorite quote, story or fact?

“Be the change you that you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Worst work experience?

Graveyard shift cleaning a cheese factory. Awful. Nothing more needs to be said. Although, making biscuits at 4 am at Hardee’s for $5 an hour was pretty shitty too.

What is your definition of success?

A blend of personal fulfillment with a touch of financial security.

How do you tap into your creative energies – especially when you are feeling drained?

I love yoga. A good heated power vinyasa class eases my aching old dancer bones and clears the mind for a few minutes of meditation through movement. I often come up with custom picture framing (my personal Chapter Be) in yoga classes. Yoga turns off the constant chatter in my head and gets the creative juices flowing. I also feel very rejuvenated after a good yoga class too.

What does “to be” mean to you?

Confident, yet teachable. Unapologetic, yet kind. Kindness is a very important trait to me. I learned from an early age how important it is to be kind.

How do you spend your time when you are procrastinating?

Pretty typical, but way too much of my time is wasted on FB. It makes me happy to see so many people from so many walks of my life in on place and to keep in touch. Immune of those people who avoids anything political on Facebook and love seeing picture of dogs, cute kids and happy things.

Ideal READING LIST – books, websites, blogs, podcasts, magazines, etc. that you would want on your Swiss Family Robinson deserted island?

  1. I defintley would need some good ol’ trash magazines. I love People and US magazine when I travel.
  2. I read a lot of political stuff online CNN, Huffington Post, FOX News (try to hear all sides of issues).
  3. Growing up Mormon, although not a practicing one anymore, I’m still very intrigued by its history and read a lot about it.
  4. I do love a self improvement book, too.

Favorite song with “be” in the title?

Be Alright by Ariana Grande
For some odd reason “everything will be alright” has been an unintended mantra throughout my entire life, so it seems to fit. And Ariana Grande makes me want to move my body.


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