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I consciously chose to start Season 3 at the beginning of September because there is a palpable shift in energy and people’s mindsets this time of year. Even though there is not a “school year” for us adults – that is almost what it feels like. Like something is coming to an end and it is time to enter into our fall mode. I am not sure if this is because as humans we crave routine, of if it is a response to the temperature changes we are feeling around us, or because the youth in our communities are back inside, and that shifts something in us.

Because, technically, summer does not end until September 22nd, but post Labor Day it feels like something has changed. Fall always feels a bit more contemplative to me – we are rounding out the end of a year, which I believe makes us feel some sort of internal pressure to “get down to business.” I would encourage us to continue to take any carefree summer attitudes with us throughout the year, but also wanted to provide you with some inspiration as we enter into the later months of 2016. Believe me – I am not rushing it! I love the fall and hope that it takes its good ol’ time – but also feel that as you start taking out those blankets & sweaters and changing from iced coffee to a steaming cup of warm deliciousness, you will have some Chapter Be stories to keep you company and maybe light a spark in you to live your authentic being.

Just as seasons change – so do people, and Season 3 of the podcast has an overall theme of CHANGE. Sometimes change is what happens to us, sometimes it is a choice we make, sometimes it is inevitable – and even though we know it is coming, we have to brace for what that all means.

This season I will be talking to people that fall under all of these change categories – some that had to make a shift in their life due to death of a loved one, some who chose to make a change because they needed it and some who changed in order to overcome a fear. We will examine how we allow space for change and how we navigate through the transition into a new chapter. How, at the end of the day, we bring ourselves back to our place of being as a way to ground us and navigate that path we are choosing to create for ourselves.

For those of you who have listened to past seasons of the Chapter Be podcast, you may have noticed that this episode started off with a whole new sound – and that is thanks to the talented work of musician, Dave Preston. I was introduced to Dave by a mutual friend, Rob Drabkin – who is also a musician and you should be sure to check out his work, as well!

But – Dave is a producer and guitarist who has played with some of the biggest pop acts in the world: Justin Timberlake, Matt Morris, Kelly Clarkson, Ingrid Michaelson, and Gregory Alan Isakov to name but a few. But – even more importantly – he is just a great guy who is so incredibly positive and kind, and he dove in head first to create a theme song for Chapter Be.

I am wickedly excited to be adding this unique touch to the podcast and hope that you will enjoy all that it brings to the show each week. So that you have a deeper connection to the artist behind the sound, I wanted to chat a little bit with Dave to hear more about his Chapter Be story. Listen on…


*Image via Chapter Be

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  1. Jeffery I. Blake, M.D. September 12, 2016 at 9:41 pm #

    Well I’ll be. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Someone can encourage, which is easy, but only you can open the door to your future.
    Thanks for the insights. Keep on exploring, and sharing. Love Dad.

    • kblake September 14, 2016 at 4:13 pm #

      So true :o) xokb

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