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World Domination Summit

World Domination Summit (WDS) is a “gathering of creative, interesting people from all over the world. Every summer, thousands of people travel to Portland, Oregon for an immersive experience in life, work and travel.” The convening is focused on the core principles of community, adventure and service, and it aims to answer the question – How do we live a remarkable life in a conventional world? WDS was founded by Chris Guillebeau, explorer of the world and New York Times bestselling author of The $100 Startup. The weekend consists of three primary activities: main-stage events with keynote speakers that are attended by the entire group, workshops that focus on specific topics, and lots of meetups, parties and informal engagement.

The BE Stories highlighted a selection of WDS attendees’ stories via a meet-up at the sixth World Domination Summit in August 2016. It is a small, but insightful, representation of the 1,000 people who participated in this year’s event – all with the shared pursuit of changing the world. Click on the play button under each picture to hear what they had to say about their BE story…

The Be Stories_WDS_Grace

Lewis Howes

The Be Stories_WDS_Giggly


The Be Stories_WDS_Playfully Intentional

The Be Stories_WDS_Authentic

The Be Stories_WDS_Optimal

The Be Stories_WDS_Yourself

The Be Stories_WDS_Joy

The Be Stories_WDS_UpsideDown

Upside Down

The Be Stories_WDS_Community Builder

Home Sweet Adobe Home

The Be Stories_WDS_Intentional

Jonathan FieldsThe Good Life Project

The Be Stories_WDS_Who You Want to Be

The Be Stories_WDS_Multifacted Unfolding

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